The #BUILDINPUBLIC Journey to Revolutionize News and Education through AI and the Spotify Model

about Flevokrant

Flevokrant, the groundbreaking “Spotify for news,” set out to transform the way people consume information and tackle educational inequalities. embraced the challenge with unwavering determination, aiming to create a lasting impact on education and information accessibility. The progress of Flevokrant will be public, #BUILDINPUBLIC.

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The Challenge

Flevokrant has a grand vision to utilize its platform for educational purposes, offering comprehensive and accessible learning opportunities for individuals at all levels.

Objective 1: News Revolution – Spotify for News: Flevokrant’s primary objective is to redefine news consumption by offering a Spotify-like experience. Through its platform, users can explore a wide range of news content created by talented journalists who are considered artists. Flevokrant employs a revenue-sharing model to ensure fair compensation for journalists while providing users with an exceptional news discovery and consumption experience. By treating publishers as record labels, Flevokrant creates a dynamic ecosystem that fosters creativity and diversity in news content.

Objective 2: Empowering Education – Personalized Learning: Experiences Building upon its news revolution, Flevokrant aspires to extend its platform into the realm of education. The ultimate goal is to develop an educational LLM (Learn Like Me) system, enabling personalized learning journeys for individuals of all backgrounds. Through this innovative approach, anyone can receive tailored lessons at their preferred pace and in their preferred learning style. Flevokrant recognizes the potential of its platform to bridge educational gaps, support asylum seekers, empower students, and offer accessible learning opportunities to individuals seeking knowledge.

What will do

  • Designing the Spotify-Inspired Platform: will collaborate with Flevokrant to design a user-friendly platform that emulates the seamless and intuitive experience of Spotify, enabling users to explore a wide range of news content effortlessly.

  • Implementing a Revenue-Sharing Model: will devise a revenue-sharing model that rewards journalists based on the popularity and engagement of their articles, fostering a thriving ecosystem and attracting top-tier talent.

  • Facilitating Publisher-Record Label Collaboration: will facilitate collaborations between publishers and journalists, creating a dynamic environment where publishers act as record labels, curating and promoting journalists’ work to enhance diversity and innovation.

  • Integrating AI-Powered Genre Filters: Leveraging AI technology, will integrate advanced filters into the platform, allowing users to customize their news genres and receive personalized news playlists tailored to their interests and preferences.

The Expected Results

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